Aug 7, 2013

PAOB’s Youth Enrichment Tour Impacts 5th & 6th Graders

The PAOB makes another strong contribution toward leading change in area communities by targeting the youth through one of its development programs the PAOB Youth Enrichment Tours. The response from the kids ranged from: “I want to go to college”, “I want to become an engineer” to “I have to have a career backup if I'm playing sports”. These were some of the comments from more than twenty fifth and sixth graders from Richard Bowling Elementary School in NorfolkVirginia. These children took part in one of PAOB's aggressive educational programs targeted toward youth development called the Youth Enrichment Tour. This tour included youth mentoring and building communication skills while touring interesting places throughout Virginia that included the WVEC news studios, Sinclair Communications Radio Stations, RegentUniversity and enjoying lunch at the award-winning, Frankie's Place For RibsRestaurant. The children were driven in style and introduced to memorable experiences in a fifty-two passenger coach tour bus. Not only did this tour have an impact on area youth but on the tour guides as well. Support for this program even came from military students that were scheduled and took the same university tour as the youth saying they wish they had the same program when they were growing up. 

The children were very appreciative and their ever evolving excitement was seen from receiving hands on experience that truly inspired us all. The PAOB would like to thank its sponsors and participants that included; BINCHMARK Marketing & Agency Services, Act-Up Integrated Youth Services, Richard Bowling Elementary School, The Norfolk Police Community Resource Officers, Frankie's Place For Ribs Restaurant, Beverly Zimmerman-Wright (Realtor), Cinema Cafe Theaters, WVEC, Regent University, and Sinclair Communications Radio Stations. 

The Youth Enrichment Tours are a part of PAOB's Educational Development Programs for better communities. For additional information on the PAOB, PAOB members, programs, press, and more, please log on to

A special thanks goes out to the PAOB members that participated in this program that included Dr. James Newby, II, Cinema Cafe Theaters, Stephanie Lambert, Beverly Zimmerman-Wright, Karen Clements, Dr. Sandeep Samudre and Frankie's Place For Ribs. The PAOB and its members are dedicated to the type of development that grows business but also reaches beyond clients to touch our communities.

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