Sep 19, 2013

PAOB Member Dr. Sandeep Samudre launches the Eastern Virginia Eye Institute (EVEI) with an insightful lecture on cause and prevention of dry eye disease.

Dr. Sandeep Samudre, Founder launched the Dry Eye Care Center @ Eastern Virginia Eye Institute (EVEI). The event presented a lecture on dry eye disease with emphasis on the cause and prevention of dry eye disease. The effect of nutrition on dry eye was also highlighted. Dr. Samudre introduced The Dry Eye Care Center @ EVEI, which offers evidence-based approach for treatment of dry eye with Acupuncture. This is a first of its kind in the Hampton Roads area. Dr. Samudre’s lecture was followed by an awards ceremony for EVEI’s two young research scholars whose research has been accepted for peer-reviewed international presentations.

Research topics included:

- Longitudinal modeling of improvement in dry eye signs and symptoms after acupuncture.
- Determining the mechanism of action of novel neuro-protective agents for treatment of glaucoma.

The student researchers were presented with a science medal, another first for the Hampton Roads science community. Dr. Juan Montero of Montero Medical Missions and Ms. Tricia Randall of Towne Bank were also honored with an appreciation award. This event was sponsored by Towne Bank.